1”×20′ rubber coated ratchet strap with vinyl coated J hook


Material:100%PES+Metal Hooks+Ratchet
MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity):1000pcs
Color: bule or Customized colors
End fitting: Double J hook
Length: 20′
Width: 1″
Working load limit(W.L.L) : 1667 lbs.
Break strength: 5,000 lbs.
Safety Factor:3:1
Standard:American Standards
Ratchet handle: Standard
Product weight: 1.45 lbs
Usage:cargo control

Art. NoBreaking Strength(lbs)Belt WidthLashing Capacity(lbs)Webbing   Breaking(lbs)

rubber coated ratchet strap feature

1” Width Webbing: This ratchet strap features a 1” wide polyester webbing, offering outstanding tensile strength and stability, ensuring that the cargo is securely fastened in place.

20′  Webbing: With a 20′  webbing, it caters to various cargo sizes and strapping needs.

Durable Rubber Coating: The strap is covered with a durable rubber coating, providing extra protection and helping to prevent scratches and damage to the cargo or surfaces.

Vinyl Coated J Hook: The ratchet strap comes equipped with sturdy J hooks coated with vinyl, ensuring a firm grip on the cargo and providing additional durability.

Versatile Applications: Suitable for a wide range of industrial, logistics, transportation, and agricultural scenarios, guaranteeing secure cargo fastening and safe handling.



Our 1” × 20′  rubber coated ratchet strap, equipped with a vinyl-coated J hook. This is a high-performance strapping solution designed to meet the requirements of various industrial, logistics, and transportation applications, providing exceptional performance for secure cargo fastening and safe handling.
Whether you are a professional or a business user, this 1″×20′ rubber-coated ratchet strap with vinyl-coated J hook is a reliable tool that ensures the safety and secure transport of your cargo. Choose our ratchet strap for outstanding strapping solutions in your business operations.