FORCENTRA 4 Inch Cargo Belt Heavy Duty Ratchet Straps With Double-J Hook

Material:100%PES+Metal Hooks+Ratchet
MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity):500pcs
Color: yellow or Customized colors
End fitting: Double-J hook
Length: 27′
Width: 4″
Working load limit: 6600 lbs.
Break strength: 20,000 lbs.
Safety Factor:3:1
Standard:US Standards
Ratchet handle: Standard
Product Name:Heavy Duty Ratchet Straps
Usage:Cargo Control

Art. NoBreaking Strength(lbs)Belt WidthLashing Capacity(lbs)Webbing   Breaking(lbs)

Polyester Webbing Construction:Constructed from industria quality yellow polyester webbing. Assembly follows WSTDA standards and guidelines. Polyester webbingis made to be weather resistant, and resistant to stretching and abrasion.

Double J-Hook:Double J-Hooks gives added strength to the overall strap.Construction made to bedurable and secure for allyour flatbed tie down needs Hooks are heat treated. yellow chrome finish for longevity and corrosion resistance.

Elasticity and Stretch:Some winch straps feature elasticity or stretch properties. These straps often referred to as snatch straps, are designed to stretch and then recoil providing a kinetic energy transfer to help recover as tuck vehicle or overcome obstacles. lt’s important to use snatch straps with caution and follow proper techniques to avoid injury

WARNING: Do not exceed working load limit for any tie down. Do not use for recovery or lifting. Truck straps/Winch straps/Tie down straps are for webbing tie down applications only.