FORCENTRA 5400 Lbs 4”x30′ Heavy Duty Ratchet Strap With Flat Hook

Material:100%PES+Metal Hooks+Ratchet
MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity):500pcs
Color: yellow or Customized colors
End fitting: Flat hook
Length: 27′
Width: 4″
Working load limit: 5400 lbs.
Break strength: 16,200 lbs.
Safety Factor:3:1
Standard:US Standards
Ratchet handle: Standard
Product Name:Ratchet Strap
Usage:Cargo Control

Art. NoBreaking Strength(lbs)Belt WidthLashing Capacity(lbs)Webbing   Breaking(lbs)

Ratchet Buckle:Reinforcing handle increasesthe handle forceThe groove design reducesfriction and makes the buckleworks more flexible andreducing the operators pullingforce while using

Hooks or End Fittings:Lashing tie-down straps are equipped with end fittings oneach end of the webbing.These can be hooks, D-rings.or other types of fasteners that allow for secure attachment to anchor pointsrails, or other suitable mounting locations

Elasticity and Stretch:Some winch straps feature elasticity or stretch properties. These straps often referred to as snatch straps, are designed to stretch and then recoil providing a kinetic energy transfer to help recover as tuck vehicle or overcome obstacles. lt’s important to use snatch straps with caution and follow proper techniques to avoid injury

WARNING: Do not exceed working load limit for any tie down. Do not use for recovery or lifting. Truck straps/Winch straps/Tie down straps are for webbing tie down applications only.