5T Safety Factor 7:1 Woven Polyester Flat Webbing Sling


Material:100% Polyester
MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity):1000pcs
Color: bule or Customized colors
Lifting Eye Type: Flat Eye
Eye length:500mm
Length: Custom
Width: 150mm
Thickness: 7.5mm
Lifting Capacity: 5T
Safety Factor:7:1
Label: Custom Label
Standard:Europe Standard

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Flat Webbing Sling Feature

  • EXCELLENT BUCKLE: Our Flat Webbing Sling set feature reinforced buckles, showcasing outstanding performance that ensures stable operation during lifting and towing tasks.
  • MULTI APPLICATION: This versatile set is indispensable in the ship, machinery, port, transportation, electric power, engineering, construction, and other industries, offering practicality and invaluable assistance across various applications.
  • MADE OF POLYESTER: Crafted from durable polyester material with multi-layer weaving, our Lifting Strap provide exceptional strength and dense stitching for maximum stability.
  • STRONG BEARING CAPACITY: These rigging and lifting tools excel in their adaptability to various angles and situations, boasting a robust bearing capacity that makes them reliable assets for any lifting or towing endeavor.
  • WEAR RESISTANT: Each component, whether it’s the Lifting Strap is expertly designed to be robust and wear-resistant, offering high strength and enduring durability.


Our versatile set of Webbing Sling features excellent reinforced buckles for stability during lifting and towing. Made of durable polyester material with multi-layer weaving, they offer exceptional strength and wear resistance, making them invaluable across industries like shipping, machinery, transportation, and construction. With a robust bearing capacity , these tools adapt to various situations, ensuring reliable performance in diverse applications.