4’‘×30’ Recovery Towing Rope Kit With 3/4 D Ring Shackles


Length: 30′
Width: 4″
MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity):500pcs
Color: bule or Customized colors
Vehicle Service Type:Tractor/trucks/atv/utv

Recovery Towing Rope Kit

Accessories included: Tow Strap *1, 3/4″ D Ring Shackles*2pcs,  Storage Bag*1




  • 100% Nylon N66 Strap,Reinforced Eye Loops,Adjustable Protective Sleeve
  • Premium Stitching;High Visible Color
  • Forged Steel D-Ring Shackle
  • Large Capacity Tool Bag
  • Having Recovery towing rope kit in the car may help your friend or stranger get out of a bad situation easily.
    Pull the car out of ditches, mud, creeks, sand, and snow!


Included in the kit are two 3/4” D Ring Shackles, engineered for robust attachment and secure towing. These shackles are designed to handle heavy loads with ease.
Introducing our 4” × 30′ Heavy Duty Towing Rope Kit, complete with 3/4” D Ring Shackles. This robust towing solution is engineered to handle the most demanding towing tasks with ease, making it an essential addition to your vehicle or equipment.