13200 lbs safety factor 7:1 web lifting sling


Material:100% Polyester
MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity):500pcs
Color: bule or Customized colors
Lifting Eye Type: Flat Eye
Eye length:500mm
Length: Custom
Width: 7.1”
Lifting Capacity:13200 lbs
Safety Factor:7:1,6:1
Label:Custom Label
Standard: EN Standard



Web Lifting Sling Feature

  • High Safety Standards: Our polyester lifting sling boasts an impressive safety factor of 7:1, ensuring secure and reliable lifting operations.
  • Versatile Load Capacities: With a working load limit (W.L.L) of 13,200 lbs in vertical load, 10,560 lbs in choker hitch, and a substantial 26,400 lbs in basket hitch, this sling is suitable for a wide range of lifting tasks.
  • Multi-Industry Application: Ideal for use in industrial, agricultural, and construction settings, this sling is adaptable to various rigging needs, making it a versatile choice for different work environments.
  • Extreme Durability: Designed to withstand extreme temperatures and impervious to chemicals, oils, UV light, and seawater, this sling offers exceptional resilience, ensuring long-lasting performance even in harsh conditions.


Introducing our high quality polyester web lifting sling with a remarkable safety factor 7:1 and reinforced loops. It offers versatile load capacities, including a 13,200 lbs vertical load, 10,560 lbs choker hitch, and a substantial 26,400 lbs basket hitch, making it perfect for various lifting needs.
This web lifting sling is suitable for industrial, agricultural, and construction settings, capable of enduring extreme temperatures and unaffected by chemicals, oils, UV light, and seawater. Choose this durable and resilient solution for your lifting and rigging requirements.