2”×50mm Heavy Duty Adjustable Yellow Tow Dolly Wheel Straps


Material:100% Polyester
MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity):500pcs
Color: yellow or Customized colors
End fitting: Flat Hook
Length: 50mm
Width: 2″
Working load limit: 3300 lbs.
Webbing Capacity: 12,000 lbs.
Safety Factor:3:1
Standard:American Standards
Ratchet handle: Standard
Usage:Tow Dolly Wheel Straps

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Wheel Straps Feature:

  1.  Quantity and Use: This is a set of 4 tire straps. These tow dolly wheel straps are designed for towing or transporting vehicles, especially tires. Please note that a separate 2” ratchet needs to be purchased to use with these straps, and the ratchet is not included in the kit.
  2.  Flat Hook Design: Each tire strap is equipped with flat hooks, designed to fit onto the hooks or attachment points on tires or vehicles. The flat hooks provide a reliable connection and ensure that the straps are securely fastened to the vehicle.
  3. Working Load Limit: The car wheel straps working load limit for each tire strap is 3,333 pounds, meaning they can withstand tension within this weight range, making them suitable for most tires and small vehicles.
  4. Webbing Capacity: The webbing capacity of the tire straps is 12,000 pounds, which is the maximum tensile strength of the strap material, ensuring durability and strength.
  5. Compatible Ratchet: The loose ends of these straps can be secured with a 2” ratchet, which needs to be purchased separately. The ratchet is used to tighten the straps, ensuring they are securely fastened to the tires or vehicles.

Tow Dolly Wheel Straps Description:

these tow dolly wheel straps are tools for safely and reliably towing or transporting vehicles. They feature high-strength strap material and a dependable flat hook design, suitable for a variety of small to medium-sized vehicles.